Sharlene Young-Bolen

Sharlene Bolen is a freelancer, mom, stitcher, and lover of all things heirloom & vintage needlework patterns. She enjoys sharing her journey of discovery through stitching history. Her studio, Stitch Revival Studio, is her platform for sharing her love of needle work. On her website and social media pages you can follow Sharlene as she discovers textiles at different local museums that lead her to different experiments and projects with needlework. Sharlene created the Huron Wristers pattern after being inspired by a pair of vintage gloves from the collections at the Huron County Museum that are believed to be from 1870 and worn by Mr. Herbert Wheeler. The museum record indicates that they were knit by a man.

For the kit Sharlene collaborated with fibre producer Margaret Steel of Steele Wool Farm, who provided the worsted yarn for the kits, and with Jennifer Triemstra-Johnston, who dyed the yarn with colours cultivated from the FACTS gardens. The kit is a unique reflection of the resources, history and creativity found in Huron County.