The Dyer's Garden

Learn about which garden plants can produce dyes and explore how to create a range of colours from the natural dye process. You will create multiple samples from two skeins of wool to take home and create your own Blyth inspired project. Every year we add new plants to experiment with as well as woad, indigo, madder and various traditional dye flowers.  All levels of experience welcome.

Breakfast, lunch, fruit, snacks and beverages provided throughout the day. All materials included. Wool yarn is sourced from Steele Wool Farm, Blyth.

This is an outdoor activity that takes place under a picnic shelter. Dress for the weather and and being on your feet.

Space is limited so register early!

Where: Picnic Shelter in the Lion’s Park, 308 Gypsy Lane in Blyth
When: Saturday, September 18th, 10am to 5pm Rain or Shine
Workshop Cost: $175

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Kathy White

Our day will start with coffee, tea, baked goods and fruit during an introduction to natural dyeing and the use of plants and alum to elicit colour. During the discussion, yarn supplied by the local Steele Wool Farm will be prepped for the dyeing process. We will then explore and harvest the FACTS  gardens, discussing dye plants that grow easily in Ontario. Dyes baths will be created out of the different dye stuff collected. After a picnic lunch prepared by Cait’s Cafe, the dyeing will begin! Once the wool has been dyed, we will play with modifiers to create even more beautiful colours.  By the end of the day, participants will have an array of coloured yarn that they can use in their own projects.

The workshop is lead by Jennifer Triemstra-Johnston, the Director of FACTS. Jennifer has been dyeing professionally for over 25 years and started working with natural dyes in 2006.

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