Bird Wool Painting Kit

Developed by Kathy White, wool painting is a technique where you use a chopstick to push wool yarn into a board covered with beeswax to create beautiful textured images.

Kathy’s wool painting kits include a beeswaxed board, a chopstick, instructions and enough yarn to complete a small wool painting. You can either follow the image suggested by the kit or come up with one of your very own!

Each complete wool painting is uniquely different as each painter applies the wool in different lines, swirls and colour combinations. The final art piece is easy to take care of and can be hung on the wall as is or set in a frame.

Appropriate for ages 10 and up.

Please note that wool colours may vary from the kit in the photographs.

Price $35

Kathy White

Kathy White creates works of art using natural fibre yarns and threads pressed into beeswax coated panels. She is drawn to the organic and tactile nature of these materials and their historic connection to both needlework and home making.

White began exploring the artistic possibilities of working in this way when she was struck by a disparity in her approach to learning to knit versus learning to paint. An avid knitter, she accepted that her skill level would increase with practice but noticed that her approach to painting was less tolerant, influenced by the ‘you either have it or you don’t’ way of thinking. This realization formed a bridge between the two methods of making that she continues to explore.

She considers her grandmother, mother, Girl Guide leaders, 4-H leaders, art teachers, and mentors to be her greatest teachers and feels her art continues an ongoing conversation about the role of women, fibres and needlecraft in the art world. Raised in rural Southwestern Ontario and encouraged to explore the woodlots, ditches, and fields that formed the backdrop to her childhood, White is concerned that the flora and fauna is threatened by encroaching cities and the industrialization of agriculture. Her work salutes these disappearing landscapes and creatures.

You can find her work at or follow her on instagram @kathywhiteart.

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