Darian Lajoie

Darian Lajoie

Darian grew up in London, Ontario and spent a lot of her childhood exploring the trails along the Thames River, Gibbons Park, and the grounds of the University of Western Ontario, where her dad taught biology.

Her mom was an antique dealer and passed on a love of art, antiques and history. A voracious reader from a very young age, Darian also spent a great deal of time reading and believes that the combination of books, antiques, and the natural surroundings of the Thames River as a playground were formative in fostering a vividly imagined inner world and a love of ages past as well as a strong romantic streak.

Her interest in art has led her to explore many mediums over the years and much of what she has explored has roots in historical processes and in the natural world. She produced hand-made paper and greeting cards, has taught calligraphy and illumination, and did gold-leaf restoration of antique mirrors and picture frames.

Darian’s recent years have been an exploration of various textile arts including needle felting, wet felting, spinning, and basketry. She exhibits in several galleries in Ontario and has sold to private collections in Canada and the U.S.

Coiled Hair/Shawl Pins

Silk Flower Brooch/Hair Pins