The Fashion Arts & Creative Textiles Studio (FACTS) is an educational and innovative hub for textile, fashion and costume designers, artists and artisans across Ontario. The program offers classes, open studios and workshops at the community and professional level as well as networking, professional development and community events. FACTS believes that skills training, local resources and local production can help support a sustainable future for practicing artisans, designers and communities.


The FACTS Gallery and Creative Space is currently closed and will remain closed until it is safe for us to gather again. All classes and events are postponed and will be rescheduled. 

In the meantime we are working diligently to put our kits online and to start sharing the story of our unique artists on social media platforms and a new blog. 

We will keep you posted to when these resources become available. 
With many of us now having time on our hands, do not pressure yourself to create, but give yourself the space and freedom to do what feels right. 

I look forward to seeing you in the future,

Jennifer Triemstra-Johnston
Director of FACTS  

FACTS Chats!

This year FACTS is introducing FACTS Chats, social gatherings where a speaker or artist talks about a subject related to fibre and textile art. Sometimes there will be demos, things to touch and play with or group activities. Every FACTS chat will have an opportunity to ask questions of the speaker.

Darian Lajoie

FACTS Chat - Darian Lajoie-Spring out of your Cocoon


Discover the wonders of working with silk and natural fibres.  Join us for a social evening with fibre artist  Darian where she  discusses and demonstrates working with silk cocoons and natural fibres in her beautiful creations.